At Pamper Ur Poochie Parlor, excellent service is the norm. We treat your poochie as one of OUR family, not just as another dog to care for. Your poochie will receive personal attention and compassionate, loving care at all times while in our care. Below is a list of the first rate services that Pamper Ur Poochie Parlor provides:

angel ina 149x117 Dog Boarding

We will take your poochie in and give them the love, affection and care that you would like to give them but can’t because of your schedule or circumstances that arise that are not poochie friendly, We will welcome your poochie into our pack with loving arms and do our best to make then feel wanted, loved and comfortable.

2012Spring Prince n Bambino 96dpi150x106Day Care

Work long hours and are unable to give your poochie the attention and care that it deserves and that you would like to give? Then our day care is what you need. In addition to having the companionship and camaraderie of both humans and other poochies, they will get to enjoy walks, swimming and the ability to run free in our 1/4 acre fenced in space allowing them the freedom to run free as nature intended.

PUP Car Magnet v2 150x101Poochie Cab

Whether it is a pick-up or drop-off for day care or boarding, we can provide door-to-door service for your poochie eliminating the need for you to have to deal with the hassle of transporting your pet.

Additionally, if your poochie has grooming or vet appointments, we can take away the hassle of altering your schedule to fit these in and can drop them off for you, pick them up for you, and even provide a chaperone that will stay with your pet throughout the whole process.


xuxu in pool 150x133Spring and Summer Day Care Camp

Like children, our poochies need activity and structure in their lives. We provide them with both canine and human companionship throughout the day, as well as go for walks, play with them and even give them the option of going for a swim.

They will get home with a happy heart and a tired body, relieving you of the need to occupy them until they are ready to turn in, when all you want to do is unwind.

MP900387481 150x150 Basic Training

For those poochies that are newly acquired or that need a refresher in the basics, such as sit, lay down, stay, come and leave it, we can help you with that by giving your poochie some one-on-one time to gain or re-establish the rudimentary fundamentals of communication necessary to control and communicate with your poochie.

To arrange for any of our services, please call Pamper Ur Poochie Parlor at (631) 860-3093.